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Natasha created her online shop, Sunny Beast, as a home for her artwork and illustrated products. She is currently working on releasing a core collection of artwork, alongside a new body of work to be released for a limited time only!


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Upcoming Collection

Natasha is working on a body of work inspired by the biodiversity of a yet-to-be-announced country. The work will include hand-finished exclusive pieces as well as be released as limited-timed prints drops.  

Core Collection

A curated selection of Natasha's most popular prints will be added to Sunny Beast as a core collection of open-edition prints. This includes the bestselling Kaleido Insect series. 


10% to Nature

Natasha is hard at work setting up Sunny Beast to celebrate the natural world and give back to the very thing that inspires the artwork. 10% of future print shop sales will be donated to a carefully selected group of conservation charities.


Each print collection will partner with an organisation helping to protect the country's biodiversity which inspired the collection.

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